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WeCare.id believes that every individual in Indonesia deserves a decent healthcare. However, in reality, not all Indonesians have access to good health services because of the areas that are difficult to reach, financially limited, and have no National Health Insurance (JKN).

WeCare.id is a website built specifically to raise funds for patients in remote or remote areas who need access to optimal health care and JKN. We work with medical expertises in the peripheral area to connect us with these patients so they can get treatment and other support facilities thoroughly.

Through WeCare.id, prospective donors can view the list and information of patients, choose the patients they wish to assist, then provide assistance by donating starting from twenty five thousand rupiah. All transactions conducted will be displayed transparently on our website. WeCare.id also greatly appreciates and supports the National Health Insurance program from the BPJS (Social Security Administering Body) and the government that makes it easier for the public to get adequate health services. But until now there are still many Indonesian people in remote areas / very remote or underprivileged people who do not have the JKN. Therefore, WeCare.id facilitates them to process their JKN ownership as well as paying JKN premiums for underprivileged patients.

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