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Dasinah (45)


Kanker Kulit Ganas

Skin cancer patient needs your help!Dasinah, a 45-year-old mother, has been undergoing chemotherapy since November 2016 due to skin cancer. Her condition started in 2010 when Dasinah noticed a lump on her left leg. When this lump was wounded by a shar
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Rita (40)


Operasi Caesar

Having a child is often a blessing to many women. It was certainly a dream for Rita, who recently gave birth to her first child. Unfortunately, giving birth at the age of 40 carries with it a lot of health risks.Rita initally planned to give birth via normal means at the hospital.
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Erni (23)



Erni is a new mother that was elated to welcome her child's birth. However, she was diagnosed with Eclampsia, a rare but serious condition that causes seizures during pregnancy, typically followed by a period of confusion or coma. To avoid complications, Erni had to give birth via Caesarean sec
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Farel (4)

DKI Jakarta

Obstructive Sleep Apnea dan Prader-Willi Syndrome

Farel, a patient suffering from life-threatening sleep apnea, needs your help!Farel is suffering from obesity and his weight has been steadily increasing. The four-year-old toddler now weighs as much as an adult. With his condition, snoring is a normal occurence for Farel. H
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By Lyona (0)

Fully funded
DKI Jakarta

Premature birth, Neonatal Sepsis

Mrs Lyona's baby is now lying weak in the intensive care unit (ICU) due to Sepsis, a life-threatening infection complication that spread into the bloodstream. She was born premature at 7 months of pregnancy. Mrs Lyona experience terrible contractions, her water broke prematurely (premature rupture o
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Muhammad Haikal (7)

Fully funded
DKI Jakarta

Tuli Sensorineural dan Gagal Ginjal Kronik

Haikal suddenly lost his hearing on both ears after experiencing seizures. Doctors' medication to return his hearing has so far failed to produce satisfactory results. Upon further examination, it was found that the severe hearing los
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Help an Inititative

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Banjir Belitung Timur

Fully funded
Bangka Belitung


Pada tanggal 15 - 16 Juli 2017, telah terjadi banjir besar yang menggenangi 5 kecamatan di Belitung Timur, yaitu Kecamatan Kelapa Kampit, Kecamatan Damar, Kecamatan Simpang Renggiang, Kecamatan Gantung, dan Kecamatan Simpang Pesak, Kabupaten Belitung Timur. Banjir yang terjadi mencapai 2
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Kebutuhan Susu

DKI Jakarta

Susu untuk Anak-Anak dengan Kebutuhan Khusus

Susu merupakan sumber asupan nutrisi yang penting bagi anak-anak yang sedang dalam masa pertumbuhan. Pada pasien anak-anak dengan kondisi tertentu, tidak jarang jenis susu yang dibutuhkan merupakan susu khusus yang harganya cukup mahal dan tidak dijual luas di masyarakat. Seringkali tindakan medis d
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Tanah Longsor Ponorogo

Fully funded
Jawa Timur


Ponorogo's Landslide
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