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Make a change in the life of a patient by giving donations starting from Rp 10.000

Primary Immunodeficiency Disease

PID Warriors (7) - DKI Jakarta
Oleh Medikator Pricilia Gunawan H
39.548142580757% funded
80309375 funded
203067375 to go

Patent Ductus Arteriosus

Dev (1) - Jawa Barat
Oleh Medikator Medikator RS Santo Borromeus
43.91994283558% funded
26569972 funded
60496372 to go

Hipertensi Pulmonal

Ahmad (3) - DKI Jakarta
Oleh Medikator Shela Putri Sundawa
58.762424242424% funded
48479000 funded
82500000 to go

Sensory Neural Hearing Loss berat

Dionisius (2) - Lampung
Oleh Medikator Medikator WeCare.id
63.529608006672% funded
19043000 funded
29975000 to go

Penyakit Jantung Bawaan

Arshaq (0) - DKI Jakarta
Oleh Medikator Hana Ardi
67.844094148132% funded
23563950 funded
34732500 to go

Hepatitis B Kronis

Masni (24) - DKI Jakarta
Oleh Medikator Medikator WeCare.id
0% funded
0 funded
3300000 to go

Featured Patients from Fundraisers

These fundraisers are supporting patients they care the most

Melati Arumsari Bantu Wujudkan Mimpi Abel

PID Warriors (7) - DKI Jakarta
Oleh Medikator -
0% funded
0 funded
20000000 to go
Oleh Medikator -
2.55% funded
765000 funded
29235000 to go
Oleh Medikator -
6.6666666666667% funded
2000000 funded
28000000 to go

Confused of which patient to help ?

Give your donation via #universalfund and we will distribute your donation directly to a patient who need it the most.

Why donate via WeCare.id?

WeCare.id makes it easy for you to give donation for people who need lifesaving healthcare treatment, but why you need to donate via WeCare.id?


Donations received by WeCare.id will be distributed straight away to the hospital or patients’ family.


WeCare.id is highly-transparent in managing our financials. Every transactions and the distributed donations can be seen in our transparency page.

Patient update

WeCare.id will frequently giving updates about the patients’ condition to the donors after they have received medical treatments.


What people think about WeCare.id

In general, WeCare.id has operated well enough and the disbursement reports are quite clear. Glad to be able to help people in need through WeCare.id.


WeCare.id is a place that makes me feel comfortable for distributing donations because of their transparency and frequent patient updates.


This is by far one of the most transparent crowdfunding websites I’ve ever seen and visited and in turn, has given me strong confidence and faith that the money I’ve contributed will go to the right people and for the right actions.


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