A Child from Papua suffers from tumors and malnutrition, your help is much expected!

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Kisah Marlense

In the heat of Sorong city, Marlense winced in pain. Her face seemed helpless. Marlense is an 8-year-old boy from South Sorong, Papua, who has osteosarcoma and a tumor in her right thigh and buttocks. Osteosarcoma or osteogenic sarcoma is a type of bone cancer that begins with cells that form bone. This disease occurs when cells form cancerous tumors instead of growing new bone as usual. Osteosarcoma usually occurs in long bones in the arms and legs, often near the knees or shoulders, although it can occur in any bone.

The disease suffered by Marlense begins with an enlargement of the right thigh and buttocks since 1 year ago with pain. Then she was referred to Sorong Hospital and planned to have a surgeru. But sincer her parents could not afford the hospital bill, the surgery was not carried out. Marlense's pain felt worse during the last 3 months that she could not walk. This child who was born in March is having a decreased appetite and chronic constipation. She was diagnosed with malnutrition and anemia in chronic diseases. Marlense was taken to the hospital again in immunocompromised conditions due to malignancy, malnutrition and infection. She has difficulty to move independently and start experiencing depressive symptoms of anhedonia or losing interest in hobbies. Sadly, Marlense is unable to attend school for 6 months because of her condition.

The doctor in Sorong refers Marlense to have treatment at the central public hospital in Jakarta. However, the cost issue becomes an obstacle. Marlense's parents cannot afford to buy airline tickets to get to Jakarta. Her father is a farmer with an income of less than 500,000 per month, while her mother does not work.

Let's help Marlense to get treatment!

If she gets help, the donation will be used to buy Sorong-Jakarta flight ticket for 4 people (Marlense, father & Marlense mother and 1 medical officer) and for accommodation costs.

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Osteosarcoma (osteosarkoma), atau sarcoma osteogenik, adalah sejenis kanker tulang yang berawal dari sel-sel yang membentuk tulang. Penyakit ini muncul ketika sel malah membentuk tumor kanker dan bukannya menumbuhkan tulang baru seperti biasanya.

Osteosarcoma biasanya terjadi pada tulang panjang di dalam lengan dan kaki, sering kali di dekat lutut atau bahu, walaupun bisa terjadi pada setiap tulang.

Penyakit ini lebih jarang terjadi pada tulang panggul, rahang, atau rusuk, juga jarang berkembang di dalam jari tangan atau jari kaki.

Sumber: https://hellosehat.com/penyakit/osteosarcoma-osteosarkoma/

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