A baby was born prematurely and weighs below normal, your help is very much expected!

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Kisah Bayi Bu Ati

Tense and touching, that's the situation experienced by Mrs. Ati when she gave birth through c-section surgery. Her child was born at an earlier than it should be, which is under the age of 37 weeks or was born prematurely. Tense, because Mrs. Ati was very afraid of the her baby's life. Touching, because she was also happy that her baby was born. Mrs. Ati's baby must be born prematurely because she has eclampsia.

This tiny baby has a low birth weight and has respiratory distress. Baby's weight is said to be less or low when it weighs less than 2.5 kilograms. This often occurs in babies born prematurely or before entering 37 weeks' gestation. A special sign of a baby having a low birth weight is looking thin, having little body fat, and a large and disproportionate size of the head. The acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome or abbreviated as ARDS is a condition that arises when fluid collects in the alveoli, which is small and elastic air sacs in the lungs. Fluid usually seeps from small blood vessels.

The alarming condition of Mrs. Ati's baby made her had to be treated in the perinatal intensive care unit (PICU). The cost for medical care at PICU reaches Rp. 500,000 per day, while Mrs. Ati's baby has been treated for almost a month. Some medical treatment have been carried out but until recently, it is still unknown when the intensive care will be done because of the baby's condition is still being monitored. Mrs. Ati had not had the chance to register the child to national insurance because she did not know that the baby would be born prematurely. Mrs. Ati is only a maid so she cannot afford to pay for hospital fees which can reach tens of millions of rupiah.

Let's help Mrs. Ati's baby!

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Berat badan bayi dikatakan kurang atau rendah ketika memiliki berat kurang dari 2,5 kilogram. Hal ini sering terjadi pada bayi yang lahir prematur atau sebelum memasuki usia kehamilan 37 minggu. Tanda khusus bayi Anda memiliki berat badan lahir rendah adalah terlihat kurus, memiliki sedikit lemak tubuh, dan ukuran kepala yang besar dan tidak proporsional.


Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome atau disingkat ARDS adalah kondisi yang muncul ketika cairan mengumpul di alveoli, yaitu kantung udara kecil dan elastis pada paru-paru. Cairan biasanya merembes dari pembuluh darah kecil.

Kumpulan cairan ini dapat membuat paru-paru tidak cukup terisi udara dan pasokan oksigen ke aliran darah menjadi berkurang. Hal tersebut mengakibatkan organ-organ, seperti ginjal dan otak, tidak dapat bekerja normal atau bahkan berhenti berfungsi karena tidak mendapat cukup oksigen.

Sumber: https://www.alodokter.com/

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