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Waqi, a 1-year-old toddler from Bogor, West Java was very unfortunate. A week after his birth, there appeared a sphere filled with clear fluid on the back of his foot with previous thrush. Then, the sphere extends and becomes blisters. When it broke, a tangle of Waqi's body became blisters. If there is friction, the sphere will be easily broken and bleed. A few months ago, there was a clear container filled with clear liquid and partly of blood on the body and both legs of Waqi. The sphere is widespread throughout the body with accompanying itching and damaged nails. If rubbed off during sleep or scratched, there will be  sphere in a new area, ruptured and become injured. Waqi's parents had often brought him to the doctor and get medicine, but Waqi never healed. As a result, his parents can only bring Waqi care for injuries that have already appeared to the community health center.

One day, Waqi looked pale, so he was immediately taken to a hospital in Ciawi. Waqi was suspected of having anemia. This poor child was treated for 9 days and received a blood transfusion. After being discharged from hospital, Waqi was suffered from illness again, this time he had diarrhea which caused him to defecate more than 15 times a day. He was dehydrated and then returned to hospital. He also experience itchiness and it is increasing with age. Finally, Waqi checked into the hospital because of skin problems. He had been hospitalized for a while, but again, his complaints did not improve and finally Waqi was brought home. Until one day Waqi experienced diarrhea again until he suffered from dehydration and anemia. The doctor said that Waqi was suspected of having bullous epidermolysis and referred him to be taken to a central hospital in Jakarta for biopsy. After he was taken to Jakarta, a biopsy was carried out, then the doctor declared that Waqi had bullous pemphigoid.

Bullous pemphigoid is a rare autoimmune disease that causes the appearance of skin disorders in the form of blisters (bullous/bullae) skin filled with water. The disease is common in people over the age of 60, where bullae usually appear in areas of kullit folds such as the armpits, upper thighs and lower abdomen. In addition to elderly, bullous pemphigoid can also be experienced by children and pregnant women.

Waqi was hospitalized for 3 weeks after being diagnosed with this disease. Currently, he regularly checks his condition up to his dermatologist to be monitored. The costs for Waqi's care is quiet high, which includes bandages, medicines, and transportation costs to the hospital in Jakarta from Bogor. It is very overwhelming for the father who works as an electronic repair service technician with uncertain income. They also could not afford to pay national insurance dues. 

Let's help Waqi to improve his condition!

If Waqi got help, the donation will be given for his cost of medicines, transportation and national insurance dues. 

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Pemfigoid bulosa adalah penyakit autoimun langka yang menyebabkan munculnya gangguan pada kulit berupa lepuhan (bulosa/bula) kulit berisi air. Penyakit ini umum ditemui pada orang yang berusia lebih dari 60 tahun, di mana bula biasanya muncul di area lipatan kullit seperti ketiak, paha atas, dan perut bagian bawah. Selain lansia, pemfigoid bulosa juga bisa dialami oleh anak-anak dan perempuan hamil.

Pemfigoid bulosa bisa menjadi situasi yang mengancam nyawa jika dialami oleh lansia yang memiliki kondisi kesehatan yang sudah kurang baik. Tidak ada penyembuh untuk penyakit ini, namun beberapa macam pengobatan akan membantu meredakan gejalanya. Penderita akan diberikan obat tertentu yang akan menekan sistem kekebalan agar tidak menyerang lapisan kulit atau mukosa yang normal.

Penyebab Pemfigoid Bulosa

Pemfigoid bulosa disebabkan oleh suatu kondisi autoimun, di mana sistem kekebalan tubuh menghasilkan antibodi yang justru melawan sel-sel yang sehat dalam tubuh.

Pada kasus pemfigoid bulosa, sistem kekebalan tubuh menyalahartikan jaringan sehat di bawah kulit sebagai benda asing yang berbahaya, sehingga tubuh menghasilkan antibodi untuk melawannya. Antibodi ini kemudian memicu proses peradangan di lapisan antara kulit luar (epidermis) dan lapisan di bawahnya (dermis), sehingga terbentuk sebuah bula yang gatal.

Penyebab sistem kekebalan menyerang lapisan kulit penderita masih belum diketahui dengan pasti. Pada beberapa kasus, kondisi ini muncul akibat terpicu oleh penggunaan obat-obatan tertentu seperti penisilin, sulfasalazine, furosemide, dan etanercept. Selain obat-obatan tertentu, faktor lain yang juga bisa memicu pemfigoid bulosa adalah sinar ultraviolet yang biasa digunakan untuk mengobati kondisi kulit tertentu dan juga terapi radiasi pada penderita kanker.

Sumber: https://www.alodokter.com/pemfigoid-bulosa

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