A farmer's daughter suffering from lupus nephritis, your help is expected!

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Kisah Tia

Not grown up yet, Tia, a girl from Subang has had a serious illness. Her conditions are quite alarming. Beginning with complaints of reddish patches, Tia went to the doctor to be examined. Then, it was discovered that this 15-year-old teenager had lupus nephritis. Lupus nephritis is inflammation of the kidneys that occurs as a result of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) or better known as lupus. Lupus is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks healthy tissues.

In addition to lupus nephritis, he also has overweight and hypokalemia. Hypokalemia is a condition when the level of potassium in the bloodstream is below the normal limit. If the potassium level is very low, which is less than 2.5 mmol / L, then it can be dangerous or even cause death if not treated immediately. Inflammation in her kidneys also makes the formation of active vitamin D in Tia's body is disrupted so that she might have osteoporosis.

Currently, Tia must take immunosuppressant medicine (which are suppressing the body's immune system) and drugs to prevent osteoporosis. The cost required is quite expensive for Tia's parents who work as farmers. Tia and family hope there is a way out so that Tia can get the medicines needed.

Let's help Tia's treatment!

If she get assistance, the donation will be given to purchase 90 tablets of Mycophenolate Mofetil and 30 tablets of Teorol which will be distributed gradually over 3 months.

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Lupus nefritis adalah peradangan pada ginjal yang terjadi akibat pengaruh penyakit systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) atau lebih dikenal dengan nama lupus. Lupus adalah penyakit autoimun dimana sistem kekebalan tubuh menyerang jaringan-jaringan yang sehat.

Lupus nefritis merupakan salah satu komplikasi paling serius dari penyakit lupus. Diperkirakan sekitar 60 persen pengidap lupus mengalami lupus nefritis. Kondisi ini akan mengganggu fungsi ginjal sebagai penyaring zat-zat buangan dalam tubuh. Akibatnya, darah dan protein akan gagal tersaring di ginjal dan dapat muncul dalam urine. Gangguan fungsi ginjal dalam jangka panjang akan meningkatkan risiko terjadinya gagal ginjal.

Sumber: https://www.alodokter.com/

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2018-10-26 Bantuan Obat Tia Week 11 -564.800 -4.526.350
2018-10-16 Bantuan obat Tia week 10 -564.800 -3.961.550
2018-10-12 Donation to patient 50.000 -3.396.750
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2018-10-09 Donation to patient 80.600 -2.881.950
2018-10-02 Bantuan obat pasien Tia week 8 -564.800 -2.962.550
2018-10-01 Donation to patient 250.000 -2.397.750
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2018-09-27 Donation to patient 200.000 -2.677.750
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2018-09-25 Bantuan obat Tia week 7 -564.800 -2.887.750
2018-09-19 Bantuan obat Tia week 6 -564.800 -2.322.950
2018-09-12 Bantuan obat Tia Sandra week 5 -564.800 -1.758.150
2018-09-09 Donation to patient 15.000 -1.193.350
2018-09-06 Donation to patient 10.400 -1.208.350
2018-09-06 Donation to patient 400.000 -1.218.750
2018-09-04 Donation to patient 10.000 -1.618.750
2018-09-04 Bantuan obat pasien Tia Sandra week 4 -564.750 -1.628.750
2018-08-27 Bantuan pasien Tia week 3 -582.000 -1.064.000
2018-08-14 Bantuan obat Tia week 1 -582.000 -482.000
-0001-11-30 Donation to patient 100.000 100.000

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