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Saepul, seorang korban kecelakaan membutuhkan pertolonganmu!

Saepul - menderita Cedera Kepala Berat, Epidural Hematoma

Obeying traffic regulation always has some benefits for safety. If there is a violation, sometimes our life is at stake. As experienced by Saepul, a worker from West Java. Not as usual, that time he was a passenger of a motorbike ridden by his friend, but he did not wear a helmet. He thought maybe it is alright because the destination was not so far and wearing a helmet might not be a problem. However, an accident cannot be avoided on that day. He fell off the motorbike and his head hit the asphalt so hard. He was fainted and had vomited. Two hours later he arrived at the hospital. Saepul suffered a severe head injury. Not only that, he also experienced Epidural Hematoma, Linear Fracture and Hospital Acquired Pneumonia (HAP).

Epidural hematoma or extradural hemorrhage is the presence of blood that collects in the epidural area, the area between the skull bones and the layer of duramater. Duramater is the membrane or outermost layer of meninges (the lining of the brain and spine) that envelop and protect the brain and spine, while the Linear Fracture is a crack that occurs parallel to the bone axis. The HAP or nosocomial pneumonia is a non-incubated respiratory tract infection at the time of admission but appears clinically at 2 days or more after admission.

Saepul was treated for 1 month in the ICU room. Various actions have been done to rescue this 22-year-old man. Being treated for 1 month in the hospital would cost a lot. Saepul who comes from poor families can not afford the huge cost of care. Due to his low and uncertain income, Saepul did not have any insurance. Saepul still deserves to be helped, his life as precious as the lives of everyone.

Let's save Saepul's live!

If he got help, the donation will be used for Saepul hospitalization for 1 month in ICU.

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    Rawat inap di ICU selama 1 bulan

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Cedera Kepala Berat

Cedera kepala berat atau trauma kepala berat adalah istilah medis untuk mengkategorikan kondisi yang parah pada cedera kepala. Tingkat kesadaran seseorang dinilai dengan memberikan skor melalui panduan dari Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), dengan nilai terendah 3 dan nilai tertinggi 15. Seseorang dikatakan mengalami cedera kepala berat bila memiliki nilai GCS 8 ke bawah. Penilaian kesadaran berdasarkan GCS dilihat dari seberapa mudah penderita membuka mata, gerakan fisik yang dilakukan penderita, dan isi pembicaraan dari penderita.

Epidural Hematoma

Epidural hematoma atau perdarahan extradural adalah adanya darah yang mengumpul di area epidural, yaitu area di antara tulang tengkorak dan lapisan duramater. Duramater adalah membran atau lapisan terluar dari mening (selaput otak dan tulang belakang) yang menyelimuti dan melindungi otak dan tulang belakang. Di kepala, lapisan dura biasanya melekat pada tengkorak bagian dalam sehingga rentan terjadi perdarahan.

Hospital Acquired Pneumonia

HAP atau pneumonia nosokomial adalah infeksi saluran pernapasan bawah yang tidak terinkubasi pada saat masuk rumah sakit, melainkan muncul secara klinis pada 2 hari atau lebih setelah dirawat inap. 




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Medikator RSUD Kota Bandung


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RSUD Kota Bandung
Jl. Rumah Sakit No.21, RT.01, Sukamulya, Cinambo, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 45474


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