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Kisah Bayi Ny. Yolanda

The storm must have passed,this is what Mrs. Yolanda kept in mind when she knew that she had to give birth prematurely. Shee suffered from severe pre-eclampsia which is a hypertension (high blood pressure) in pregnant women. Mrs. Yolanda's baby was born prematurely at 34 weeks of pregnancy. Premature birth is a birth that occurs three weeks or more before the time of normal birth. In normal conditions, birth will occur after the womb is 40 weeks old. In other words, a birth is called premature if the birth occurs at the 37th week of pregnancy or earlier.

The baby was also helped by oxygen to breathe at the beginning of her birth. Newborns whose oxygen-assisted breathing can be caused by acute respiratory distress syndrome. Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome or abbreviated as ARDS is a condition that occurs when fluid collects in the alveoli, which is a small and elastic air sac in the lungs. Liquid usually seeps from small blood vessels.

This collection of liquids can make the lungs not enough to fill the air and reduce the supply of oxygen to the bloodstream. This results in organs, such as the kidneys and brain, unable to work normally or even stop functioning because they don't get enough oxygen.

Because of these conditions, the baby of Mrs. Yolanda had to be hospitalized for days. Because his birth was unexpected, Mrs. Yolanda's husband did not have the opportunity to register his baby to the BPJS (national insurance company). As a result, he was unable to pay a large amount of hospital expenses. Everyday, the baby's father works part time in a hotel with little income. Mrs. Yolanda can only hope there was a way out.

Let's help Mrs. Yolanda's baby!

If the donation is collected, the funds will be given for Ibu Yolanda's baby hospitalization costs with a total of Rp 10,000,000

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Rincian Dana

Ruang perawatan Rp10.000.000
Biaya Operasional Rp1.000.000

Total Rp11.000.000

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Kelahiran prematur adalah kelahiran yang terjadi pada tiga minggu atau lebih sebelum waktu kelahiran normal. Pada kondisi normal, kelahiran akan terjadi setelah kandungan berusia 40 minggu. Dengan kata lain, sebuah kelahiran disebut prematur jika kelahiran itu terjadi pada minggu ke-37 kehamilan atau lebih awal.

Minggu-minggu terakhir kehamilan merupakan saat paling penting untuk proses pertumbuhan janin, khususnya otak dan paru-paru. Maka dari itu, bayi yang lahir prematur cenderung mengalami gangguan medis lebih serius dan harus dirawat di rumah sakit lebih lama dari bayi yang lahir normal.


Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome atau disingkat ARDS adalah kondisi yang muncul ketika cairan mengumpul di alveoli, yaitu kantung udara kecil dan elastis pada paru-paru. Cairan biasanya merembes dari pembuluh darah kecil.

Kumpulan cairan ini dapat membuat paru-paru tidak cukup terisi udara dan pasokan oksigen ke aliran darah menjadi berkurang. Hal tersebut mengakibatkan organ-organ, seperti ginjal dan otak, tidak dapat bekerja normal atau bahkan berhenti berfungsi karena tidak mendapat cukup oksigen.


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