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Kisah Anugrah

In the corner of the rainy town, a child named Anugrah is being showered with tremendous pain. It's been the last ten days he has pain in the lower right abdomen. Pain that had been in the lower right abdomen has spread throughout the whole abdomen. His mother no longer knows how to keep her child's illness going. Finally, his mother assisted by her uncle was bringing Anugrah to a hospital in Bogor. After being examined, it is known that Anugrah suffered from appendicitis. The doctors then perform surgical removal of the appendix. After the surgery, he has suffered from shortness of breath. He is diagnosed with bronchopneumonia and requires intensive care at the High Care Unit to treat and monitor the disease.

Bronchopneumonia is one type of pneumonia, an infection that causes inflammation of the lungs caused by viruses, bacteria, or fungi. Bronchopneumonia can be triggered also by several risk factors, such as a person's age, environment, lifestyle and certain health conditions.

Anugrah was treated for days. His condition gradually improved. But there is still something going on. Anugrah's mom was very confused how can she pay the hospital bills that reach tens of millions of rupiah? Her income is only from selling street food to meet the daily needs of his son. She could not afford to enroll in any insurance, because her income is uncertain. Anugrah's father has long passed away.

Let's help Anugrah!

If he gets help, the donations will be used for the cost of medical care and the treatment during  hospitalization and also for national insurance membership fee. 

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Rincian Dana

Ruang perawatan Rp16.843.750
Biaya Operasional Rp1.684.375

Total Rp18.528.125

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Bronkopneumonia adalah salah satu jenis pneumonia, yaitu infeksi yang mengakibatkan terjadinya peradangan pada paru-paru yang disebabkan oleh virus, bakteri, atau jamur. Bronkopneumonia dapat dipicu juga oleh beberapa faktor risiko, seperti usia seseorang, lingkungan, gaya hidup dan kondisi kesehatan tertentu.

Bronkopneumonia merupakan jenis pneumonia yang menimbulkan flek atau bercak pada kedua paru-paru Anda, termasuk juga saluran udara dan kantung udara. Seseorang yang menderita bronkopneumonia dapat merasakan kesulitan saat bernapas sebagai akibat dari terhalangnya saluran udara.


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Total disbursement dana untuk pasien: IDR 5.000.000

Detil transaksi pasien:

Date Transaction Amount (IDR) Balance (IDR)
2018-12-14 Donation to patient 27.000 1.158.125
2018-10-23 Donation to patient 100.000 1.131.125
2018-08-17 Donation to patient 10.000 1.031.125
2018-08-14 Donation to patient 1.000.000 1.021.125
2018-08-10 Donation to patient 250.000 21.125
2018-08-08 Donation to patient 500.000 -228.875
2018-08-07 Donation to patient 50.000 -728.875
2018-08-07 Donation to patient 100.000 -778.875
2018-08-06 Donation to patient 50.000 -878.875
2018-08-06 Donation to patient 200.000 -928.875
2018-08-05 Donation to patient 50.000 -1.128.875
2018-08-04 Donation to patient 25.000 -1.178.875
2018-08-03 Donation to patient 300.000 -1.203.875
2018-08-01 Donation to patient 100.000 -1.503.875
2018-07-31 Donation to patient 50.000 -1.603.875
2018-07-30 Donation to patient 100.000 -1.653.875
2018-07-30 Donation to patient 200.000 -1.753.875
2018-07-30 Donation to patient 10.000 -1.953.875
2018-07-29 Donation to patient 28.000 -1.963.875
2018-07-28 Donation to patient 100.000 -1.991.875
2018-07-27 Donation to patient 20.000 -2.091.875
2018-07-26 Donation to patient 250.000 -2.111.875
2018-07-24 Donation to patient 150.000 -2.361.875
2018-07-06 Donation to patient 200.000 -2.511.875
2018-06-30 Donation to patient 25.000 -2.711.875
2018-06-29 Donation to patient 50.000 -2.736.875
2018-06-28 Donation to patient 250.000 -2.786.875
2018-06-26 Donation to patient 100.000 -3.036.875
2018-06-25 Donation to patient 100.000 -3.136.875
2018-06-22 Donation to patient 10.000 -3.236.875
2018-06-18 Donation to patient 25.000 -3.246.875
2018-06-18 Donation to patient 200.000 -3.271.875
2018-06-16 Donation to patient 88.125 -3.471.875
2018-06-15 Donation to patient 100.000 -3.560.000
2018-06-15 Donation to patient 50.000 -3.660.000
2018-06-13 Donation to patient 15.000 -3.710.000
2018-06-12 Donation to patient 250.000 -3.725.000
2018-06-09 Donation to patient 25.000 -3.975.000
2018-06-08 Donation to patient 50.000 -4.000.000
2018-06-07 Donation to patient 500.000 -4.050.000
2018-06-06 Donation to patient 50.000 -4.550.000
2018-06-06 Donation to patient 400.000 -4.600.000
2018-05-09 Bantuan pasien Anugrah -5.000.000 -5.000.000


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