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Dasinah - menderita Kanker Kulit Ganas

Skin cancer patient needs your help!

Dasinah, a 45-year-old mother, has been undergoing chemotherapy since November 2016 due to skin cancer. Her condition started in 2010 when Dasinah noticed a lump on her left leg. When this lump was wounded by a sharp object in 2015, it secreted pus and the wound refused to heal. Upon examination by a hospital doctor, Dasinah was diagnosed with malignant melanoma.

Malignant melanoma is a rare and very dangerous type of skin cancer that develops from melanin-forming cells in the skin. This condition first affects the skin and can spread to other internal organs if not promptly treated.

Dasinah's doctor recommends that Dasinah undergo immunotherapy treatment. Unfortunately, the costly immunotherapy treatment is not normally covered by BPJS (Indonesian national health care insurance). Upon further negotiation, Dasinah could finally obtain some financial aid from BPJS and the hospital for her treatment. However, for her daily necessities, she and her family could only rely on her husband's unstable income as a rickshaw driver. Her condition, which requires her to undergo blood transfusions and obtain nutrition from milk as she is currently not able to consume rice, puts further strains on her family's finances.

Let us help Dasinah to recover!

If this patient receives donations...

Dasinah will receive Ensure milk, Oto adult diapers, blood transfusion aid, and health assistant aid.

Fund Allocation Plan

Ensure milk (3 x Rp 297.500) = Rp 892.500 per month for 6 months = Rp 5.355.000

Oto adult diapers (15 x Rp 60.000) = Rp 900.000 per month for 6 months = Rp 5.400.000

Blood transfusion aid (4 x Rp 60.000) = Rp 240.000 per month for 6 months = Rp 1.440.000

Assistant aid (3 x Rp 75.000) = Rp 225.000 per day for 7 days = Rp 1.575.000

WeCare.id operational cost (10%) = Rp 1.377.000

Total = Rp 15.147.000

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