Medical Expertise Registration

“We can do more than diagnosis & healthcare planning!”

What is Medical Expertise?

Medical Expertise are the doctors, nurses, medical expertises who resides in peripheral areas of Indonesia. Starting from the idea of our cofounders who happened to witness the lack of healthcare access in rural areas of Indonesia -- and limitations of National Insurance -- lost of underpriviliged patients who resided in peripeheral areas cant afford a decent and optimal healthcare because of financial & healthcare access problems.

How Medical Expertise works?

When medical expertise found potential patient who can be helped via, they could directly report it. Medical expertise monitor patients and verify patients who are requested by our catalysts within the same region.

Medical expertise then send Patient Chronological Form (Download Patient Chronological Form here) to Medical Operations team to be verified afterward.

How to be a Medical Expertise?

Medical Expertise registered in website, and verified by Medical Operation team of