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The Global Shapers Community is a network of young people driving dialogue, action and change.

2011, Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the
World Economic Forum, founded the Global Shapers Community to empower
young people to play an active role in shaping local, regional and
global agendas.

The Global Shapers Community is a non-profit
organization registered in Geneva, Switzerland and housed at the World
Economic Forum. The Forum’s contribution to the Shapers organization
includes significant financial and in-kind contributions for operational
support including staff time, technology tools and opportunities to
interact and collaborate with its membership network.

Shapers Community - Bandung Hub was established in 2014. We were mixed
of diverse individuals from various expertise & industries. Together
with our partners in Bandung: Government, private sectors, social
enterprises, NGOs and others, we are committed to improving the state of
the world through our daily endeavors and through opportunities at the
World Economic Forum. Read more about us here:

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