General Questions Guidelines pools the fund for patients who can't afford their medical bills, enabling them to access a decent, optimal, and effective healthcare treatment.

Our doctors will select patients who think they have a high prognosis (possible to cure) so they can lead a productive life each day. For this time being, we will focus the program on patients who need immediate treatment as well as medical needs under 20 million rupiah.

We are very concerned about the privacy of each patient. It is very important we explain to the patient how works. We will also file the patient's informed consent stating that they agree to participate in our program as well as to share their situation in our web.

We really appreciate the programs that have been initated by the government regarding this matter. Our existence here is also act as a civil support to the program; by previously observing the limitations that are still owned by the program. Among other things, it is difficult to move patients from peripheral areas to optimal health services due to limited transportation and accommodation costs. In addition, although the poor are said to be guaranteed ownership of national healthcare insurance, but to date, there are still many people who need immediate services but do not have national health insurance (because of administrative or other reasons) Therefore, we want them to be able to get health care and we hope to help them to get their medical rights.

In addition to healthcare costs in hospitals (including physician consulting services, diagnostic tools, lab checks), we also take into account the costs of transferring patients to referral health centers, food, patient accommodation, medical treatment costs, and national insurance premiums.

In fact, for the poor, their National Insurance will be borne by the government. However, it can be understood that up to now National Insurance is still not evenly distributed due to the very dense population and patient criteria that may not be in accordance with the government. We would like to invite the donors who want to help National Insurance financing of underprivileged people who have not got the budget from the government every month with adoption system that is by paying the National Insurance premium of the patient every month.

We will always keep in touch with the medical personnel who handle the patient. We selected patients by competent medical personnel who were estimated to have a high possibility to cure. If the donated patient is undergoing therapy, we will continue to update the donors regarding their circumstances.

Medical personnel who are the liaison of, have the competence to handle patients well. As previously stated, selects patients who have high prognosis. But did not rule out that patients can die after receiving treatment. If this happens, we will report openly to donors.

We will still raise the funds until the specified time. If until the end of the time the funds remain uncovered and medical action should be taken, we will use the funds from Donation #ForAll fund.

Once the patient is included in our program, we consent to the action that will be performed by medical personnel to be implemented immediately.

We will transparently report on the accumulated funds and actual expenses. We will calculate the excess funds, we will give the donor several options whether or not the funds will be given to the patient, or withdraws back to donors, or put into the Donation #ForAll funds that will be used to donate other patients.

100% donation will be submitted to the patients. For operational costs are obtained from sponsors, partners, and donors who choose to provide a little tip for our operationals.

We are implementing a 10% Per-patient Operational Cost Policy to support the operation of

The cost calculation is as follows:
For example one patient needs Rp 10.000.000, - for medical expenses. From there we will automatically add 5% of that amount (Rp 1,000,000) as the operating expenses of, so the total fund we dedicate is Rp 11.000.000, - for the patient.

This cost is necessary to keep the organization working properly

The operational fund is more or less intended for the following monthly expenses:
1. Staff costs (consisting of non-medical staff and medical experts)
2. Server & website maintenance costs
3. Office space (coworking space)
4. Marketing efforts (patient publications, campaigns etc.)
5. Overhead costs such as administration, & transportation staff during the verification & handling of patients running

Donations for operating expenses can also be made directly through the following pages: Help Sustainability of

Yes, we are very transparent in managing our finances. Our financial bookkeeping can be seen on Transparency tab.

Our program is open to doctors working in peripheral areas, to be a wecare liaison with patients. We provide the app on the Medical Expertise Form.

Make sure you fill in the Email form on the payment page. This form is located at the beginning of the form if you pay via Credit Card. OR "Send payment instructions to your email?" if you pay via ATM Transfer.