General Questions Guidelines

General is a crowdfunding platform focusing on enabling low-come Indonesian to have access to lifesaving care through donations. Donors can donate as little as IDR 25.000 to directly fund patients in need.

We are implementing a 10% per-patient operational cost policy to support the day-to-day operation of

To help you better understand our operational cost policy, here is an example of the calculation:

As an example, a patient needs Rp 10.000.000, - for his/her medical expenses. From there, we will automatically add 10% of that amount (Rp 1,000,000) as the operational cost of, so the total fund shown in the website for the patient will be Rp 11.000.000. This cost is necessary to keep the organization working accordingly.

The operational fund is more or less intended to cover the following monthly expenses:

1. Salary of’s staffs (consisting of non-medical staff and medical experts)
2. Server & website maintenance costs
3. Office space (co-working space)
4. Marketing efforts (patient publications, campaigns, ads etc.)
5. Overhead costs such as administration & transportation expenses during the verification process of the patients

If you had like to support and help us cover our operational expenses, you can donate directly through the following link: sustainability.

Yes, sure! We are 100% transparent with our financials. All of our financials are available for public on our Transparency page.

Twitter: IDWeCare

About patients

Eventhough the National Government Insurance (JKN) program has been initated and implemented well-enough by the Indonesian government (BPJS), in reality, some of the patients still need additional funds to support their medical needs. With the limitations regarding to the government’s program that still exist until now, donation to patients through crowdfunding platfoms such as is still pretty much needed.

In general, raises donations to fund and cover patient’s medical needs that haven’t been covered by JKN, such as:

1. Transportation costs from or to the hospital.
2. Patient’s medical needs that are not related to hospitals’ costs such as nutrition (e.g. milk), equipment for people with disabilities (e.g. wheelchair, walking aid), etc.
3. Patients who need immediate care but haven’t been registered in the JKN scheme.
4. Patients who can’t afford JKN’s monthly fees due to their monetary condition and instability.
5. Patients who don’t have a national ID and subsequently are not enrolled in the JKN scheme.’s medical partners will use their experience and knowledge to identify patients who have a high survival rate and can live a productive life after being treated properly. In general, we are focusing on patients who need immediate care and whom medical needs fit INA-CBG's. capitation

In addition to healthcare costs in hospitals (including physician consulting services, diagnostic tools, lab checks), we also consider patient’s transporation cost, food, accommodation, medical treatment costs as patient’s medical expenses.

We highly respect and take patient privacy very seriously. Before publishing campaigns through our platform, we always inform patients and ensure they understand how works. We will also record the informed consent stating that the patient agrees to have their story published and featured in our website and social media platforms.

Besides medical partner, you can also submit a patient through's website. To submit a patient, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Visit ‘submit a patient’ page
2. Click on ‘Catalyst’
3. Fill-in the ‘Catalyst form’
4. will process the application and contact you

During the campaign duration, we will always communicate with the medical partner who handle the patient. will also publish an update to the donors if something significant happened to the patient. partner with trusted, well-respected medical partners that are comitted to providing the highest level of care possible. Moreover, as stated before, most of the patients published in our website have been carefully vetted by the medical partners to ensure they have a high success rate after receiving treatments. However, we can’t guarantee that every treatment funded by will be successful and that a patient may pass away after receiving treatments. In these circumstances, we will report the outcome to donors openly through an e-mail or social media update.


To give a donation to a patient, you can follow the follwing steps:

1. Visit 'Help patient'
2. Choose a patient that you wish to help
3. Input the donation amount and click ‘Donate’
4. Click ‘share on facebook’ to help us share the cause

Before the campaign is fully-funded, a patient may need a treatment and we allow our medical partners to provide treatment immediately after submitting his/her to We understand that when a patient has a serious illness, it requires immediate care and we are comitted to allow our medical partners to perform their jobs as best as they can.

We will run a campaign until a pre- determined date. If the campaign is not fully-funded until the due date and a treatment is needed for the patient, we will fund the patient using ‘the Universal fund’ or’s private fund. This is because besides crowdfunding, we also received funding from sponsors and company CSR.

We will transparently published the amount of the collected donation and the actual expenses for each campaign. We will calculate the amount of extra donation collected and will give three options to the donors which are:

1. Give the extra donation to the patient
2. Transferred the fund back to the donors
3. Allocate the fund for 'Universal donation' which will be used to fund other patients.

Please make sure that you fill-in the form correctly and that you enter your e-mail detail. If you are donating with your credit card, you should fill-in the ‘e-mail’ detail at the beginning of the form. If you are donating via bank transfer, you should click yes when you see the instruction ‘Send the instruction to your e-mail?

To give monthly donation, you can join SEHATI that aims to support and fulfill patients’s long-term medical needs. For more information about SEHATI, visit:

We are highly encouraging everyone to become a fundraiser for patients. Follow these steps to become a fundraiser:

1.Visit the patient page that you want to help
2. Click ‘Become a fundraiser’
3. Fill-in the form and click ‘Save’
4. You can published your personalised campaign page/link that you just created via your social media accounts


To support patients’ long-term medical needs, initiated SEHATI. Donors can donate monthly via by becoming #temanSEHATI. Besides giving monthly donation to patients, you can also get many benefits such as free doctor visits, consultation with doctors via sms or chat, and discounted lab checks.

1. Visit SEHATI page: SEHATI
2. Fill-in the form
3. Await confirmation from SEHATI team

Yes, you can! The contribution value stated in SEHATI page is the minimum value to become a member of SEHATI. The extra donation value that you give through SEHATI will be given to the patients in need.