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This is a donation that will be used to support the operating expenses of
So we can continue to grow to help more patients.

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Help Sustainability of, Q2 - 2017

Target fund: Rp.150.000.000,00

Big, commercial websites spend a significant amount of money to maintain their websites. Take – it spends approximately USD 860 Million every year in order to keep its website running smoothly. Here at, although not as big as sites like, the amount of funds needed for operational, maintenance and developmental costs are not negligible at all.

To help cover our costs, we have currently adopted a method to raise funds. For each patient case for which we raise funds, we also collect an amount equal to 10% of the funds required by the patient to be used for’s operational expenses. This amount is collected in addition to the funds needed by the patient – thus, patients get the full amount they need.

However, as of the closing of last year's financial book, the operational funds we collected in 2016 only managed to cover about 87% of’s 2016 operational costs. Such is the case with the operational funds we collected until Q2 2017 – it only managed to cover 69% of our costs until Q2 2017, that too with a limited operational capacity. This means that needs to raise funds outside of the 10% operational funds collected in order to be able to cover our operational expenses, as well as to allow us to continually experiment with developing new and better services for our patients. This fundraising attempt is done by holding garage sales, merchandise selling, or by appealing to organizations and donor agencies for support in the form of grants. Other than this, we are also continually reiterating’s business model to achieve a more self-sustainable business model.

For the above reasons, we invite all of you to participate in the continuity and progress of by supporting us financially. If the fundraising target is met, will be able to:

1. Optimize the mobile version of’s website receives significant traffic from mobile web access, but as of now with our limited funds, we only have the capacity to optimize only the desktop version of the website. We aim to make more used-friendly for smartphone users and make transactions through mobile web as convenient as possible.

2. Add 1 Medical Operations staff Each day, receives increasing number of patient requests. We are grateful for the help of volunteers who gives their time selflessly to help handle these requests, but this is not enough and we still need 1 additional dedicated Medical Operations staff to anticipate and handle the thankfully ever-increasing new patient requests.

3. Increase presence through Social Media advertisements and’s promotional videos It is imperative that we increase’s presence, and social media is one crucial way to do that.

We will continue to update the progress of this fundraising along with the use of our operational funds through’s financial statements this year.

We express our sincerest gratitude and appreciation for the support and confidence from all of you that have walked with to this day.

Warm Regards,

Gigih Septianto
Co-Founder -