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Toni Hidayat (35)

Jawa Barat


Rawat inap Rp 450.000Pemeriksaan lab Rp 334.100Tindakan medis Rp 1.204.100Alat medis Rp 225.000Obat-obatan Rp 233.800
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2447000 to go
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Dedeh (22)

Jawa Barat


Tidak pernah diduga oleh Dedeh yang masih berusia 22 tahun bahwa ia mempunyai benjolan di tubuhnya yang terus membesar dari hari ke hari sejak 3 tahun yang lalu. Tidak terasa olehnya, namun benjolan terlihat jelas di tubuh wani
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38.121551990969% funded
1675000 funded
2718840 to go
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By Ny Herlina (0)

Fully funded
Jawa Barat

Prematur, Gagal Napas, Sepsis

Saat ini bayi Ny. Herlina harus menjalani perawatan intensif di NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) dan bantuan ventilasi untuk membantu gagal nafas yang dideritanya. Ia lahir 2 bulan yang lalu di RS Al-Islam dengan kondisi gagal nafas yang disebabkan oleh penyakit membran hialin, sepsis akibat inf
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100% funded
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Dasinah (45)

Fully funded

Kanker Kulit Ganas

Skin cancer patient needs your help!Dasinah, a 45-year-old mother, has been undergoing chemotherapy since November 2016 due to skin cancer. Her condition started in 2010 when Dasinah noticed a lump on her left leg. When this lump was wounded by a shar
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100% funded
15797000 funded
-650000 to go
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Erni (23)

Fully funded


Erni is a new mother that was elated to welcome her child's birth. However, she was diagnosed with Eclampsia, a rare but serious condition that causes seizures during pregnancy, typically followed by a period of confusion or coma. To avoid complications, Erni had to give birth via Caesarean sec
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100% funded
8808100 funded
-425000 to go
29 donors

Jonathan (0)

Fully funded

Pneumonia Berat, Gagal Napas

Pada 13 Mei lalu, Bandung menjadi saksi lahirnya buah cinta bernama Jonathan Rayhan. Sayangnya, malaikat kecil ini masih terbaring lemah di NICU untuk mendapat
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