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Ny. Puji Astuti (46)

Jawa Barat

Ileus Obstruction

Beginning with a very intense stomach ache, Ms. Puji was taken to the hospital. Actually it's been a long time since the woman who trades from her house everyday feels stomach ache. However, she thought this was just an ordinary stomach ache. When she was going to visit her siblings in Bandung sh
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Fitria (7)

Jawa Barat

Severe Head Injury

Trials can befall anyone, even those who are innocent. This is what happened to Fitria, a 6-year-old girl from West Java. After studying the Koran, she walked cheerfully as usual, but unexpectedly, suddenly Fitria fell from the stairs with a height of one meter. Her head hit the floor and she imm
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Sunan (20)

Jawa Barat


Tuberculosis (TB) is a frightening specter for people in Indonesia. The number of TB cases reached 1,020,000 cases and deaths from TB were 110 thousand cases. Indonesian people are at risk of contracting TB because TB can be transmitted through the air, especially if TB patients speak, cough or s
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Nofitasari (37)

Jawa Barat

Severe Preeclamsia

In the middle of the night, Mrs. Nofitasari felt a great abdominal pain. She was 9 months pregnant. Water and blood mucus dripping between her legs. Soon she was taken to the hospital. Her amniotic fluid appeared green. Then, a c-section operation was performed. The doctor said that Mrs. Nofitasa
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By Ny. Casandra (0)

Jawa Barat

Low Birth Weight

Mrs. Casandra baby was born in Bandung and barely survived. He was born with a low weight, which is only 1.7 kg. In fact, the normal birth weight is over 2.5 kg. Birth weight is often used as a marker of infant health. According to the study, low birth weight infants are the leading cause of deat
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Steve (4)

Jawa Barat

Cedera Kepala Berat

No one would have thought that that day would be such a disaster for Steve and his family. They were driving, on a two-wheeled motorcycle. Suddenly there was a bunch of people who robbed them. Steve who was a passenger on the motorcycle his father rode along with his mother, fell to the road. It'
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