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There is a gaze in Reyhan's eyes, he still did not understand what is going on with him. This 3-year-old child has a cleft lip since birth. Reyhan suffered a lip gap and bilateral auctioning, so he had a gap in the right and left sides of his lips and auction. Not only that, his head is also has abnormal size. The doctor diagnosed Reyhan as suffering from hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is a condition where there is a collection of fluid in the cavity in the brain. The excessive amount of fluid can make the cavity in the brain grow bigger and suppress the surrounding brain tissue. As a result, brain and other nerve tissue can be damaged and experience interference with its function.

For handling lip loopholes and auctioning, early handling is needed, according to the stages of growth and development, multi and interdisciplinary, as well as continuous. Not only surgery to improve the structure, patients with lips and cleft palate also need other treatments such as eating, speech and dental therapy by medical personnel.

Currently, Reyhan needs a Constructive plate fixed tool to fix the gap in his lips and auctioning so that he can close the cleft gap. The costs needed include installation of equipment, laboratory checks and routine controls. In total, the cost can reach 6 million rupiah. The cost for installing the equipment was not covered by the insurance, so Reyhan's parents had to find a way themselves. Reyhan's father is a security guard and his mother takes care of the household everyday. Their total income is not enough to pay for the installation of these tools, even though the needs are quite urgent.

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Hidrosefalus adalah keadaan dimana terdapat pengumpulan cairan di rongga di dalam otak. Jumlah cairan yang berlebih tersebut dapat menjadikan rongga di dalam otak bertambah besar dan menekan jaringan otak di sekitarnya. Akibatnya, jaringan otak dan saraf lainnya dapat rusak dan mengalami gangguan pada fungsinya

Bibir dan lelangit umumnya terbentuk pada trimester awal kehamilan. Bila terjadi kegagalan, maka seorang anak dapat menderita bibir dan lelangit sumbing. Pada anak penderita bibir sumbing, terdapat celah di bibir atas yang dapat mencapai dasar hidung. Anak yang menderita bibir sumbing tak jarang juga memiliki lelangit sumbing. Pada lelangit sumbing, bagian atas mulut atau disebut juga sebagai lelangit gagal terbentuk yang menimbulkan adanya celah yang menghubungkan rongga mulut dan rongga hidung. Anak yang menderita bibir dan/atau lelangit sumbing dapat memiliki masalah dalam asupan makanan, kesulitan bicara, dan dapat menderita infeksi telinga.

Untuk penanganan celah bibir dan lelangit, dibutuhkan penanganan sejak dini, sesuai tahap pertumbuhan dan perkembangan, multi dan interdisiplin, serta berkesinambungan. Tidak hanya pembedahan untuk memperbaiki struktur, pasien dengan bibir dan lelangit sumbing juga memerlukan perawatan lainnya seperti terapi makan, wicara, dan gigi oleh tenaga medis yang terlatih dalam masing-masing bidang yang bekerja dalam suatu tim terpadu. 

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