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A horrible tragedy befell Mr. Radi, a father of 2 children living in Jakarta. He became a victim of a firecracker explosion that his hands crushed and covered in blood. His family immediately took him to the emergency unit at the hospital. Mr. Radi had dislocation (open dislocation) in his joint and finger. Dislocation is a condition in which bone shifts from a proper joint or position.

Thus, a wire installation surgery was carried out in his hand as well as connecting blood vessels. After 1x24 hours of observation, it is known that the 35-year-old man's finger was blackened, so a second surgery was performed to make a new graft in the thumb artery of his right hand. Debridement are also carried out to remove the dead, contaminated, or attached tissue and / or foreign material. Debridement of the wound aimed to remove all ingredients that can cause infection and inhibit healing.

the surgery and wound healing costs reach tens of millions of rupiah. His salary as a construction laborer is certainly not enough to pay such an expensive fee. Moreover, because it is not a work accident and there is no diagnosis of certain diseases, the cost of treatment for Mr. Radi cannot be covered by any insurance.

Let's help Mr. Radi!

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