Almost the entire family suffering from adrenal hyperplasia, let's help lower Mendy's burden!

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Kisah Mendy J

If one of family member suffers from a serious illness, it could sadden the whole family members. You can imagine if the ones who sick are almost all family members as experienced by the Mendy family. Almost all of her siblings suffer from serious congenital diseases. Mendy was diagnosed with congenital adrenal hyperplasia, a congenital disease with imperfections in the formation of enzymes and hormones so Mendy needed medication to take every day so that her body could function normally.

Unfortunately, the medicine needed by Mendy are not included in the national formulary of national insurance so they cannot purchase it for free. Mendy was also diagnosed with malnutrition and delay in growth and development so that she needed immediate treatment from both the endocrinology and nutrition division. Therefore, Mendy must routinely go to the hospital which also requires transportation costs which, if in total, are quite expensive.

Mendy's parents could not afford to have to buy medicine continuously. Her father is an online motorcycle taxi driver, while the mother does not work. With the condition of having 5 children with daily needs and school fees, Mendy's father's income as a motorcycle taxi driver is obviously not enough to buy medicine. The family who lived in a small rented house had to work together to be able to take Mendy and her sister Miracle to the hospital.

Let's help ease Mendy's burden!

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Total Rp33.207.680

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Hiperplasia adrenal kongenital (HAK) adalah serangkaian kelainan genetika yang memengaruhi kerja kelenjar adrenal. Kelenjar adrenal adalah kelenjar yang terletak di atas ginjal.

Kelenjar adrenal memproduksi hormon-hormon penting dalam tubuh. Pada KAH, gangguan terjadi pada produksi satu atau lebih dari tiga hormon berikut:

Kortisol. Hormon yang berfungsi untuk mengatur respon tubuh terhadap penyakit atau stres.
Mineralokortikoid. Misalnya aldosteron, yang berfungsi untuk mengendalikan kadar natrium dan kalium
Androgen. Misalnya testosteron, yang berfungsi sebagai hormon seks.
Umumnya gangguan yang muncul adalah berkurangnya produksi kortisol dan meningkatnya produksi androgen.

Jenis Hiperplasia Adrenal Kongenital
HAK dapat menyerang laki-laki maupun perempuan. Namun karena gejala HAK pada perempuan lebih jelas dan lebih mudah terdeteksi, umumnya penderita mendapatkan penanganan sejak dini sehingga tingkat keparahannya tidak seberat pada penderita laki-laki dan jarang menimbulkan komplikasi.

Hiperplasia adrenal kongenital terbagi menjadi 2 jenis, yaitu klasik dan nonklasik. HAK klasik sendiri dibagi lagi menjadi tipe salt-losing dan non-salt-losing.

HAK klasik lebih parah daripada HAK nonklasik, dan biasanya sudah terdeteksi pada saat pemeriksaan skrining bayi baru lahir. Bayi perempuan dengan kelainan ini dapat dengan mudah terdeteksi pada waktu lahir, karena adanya kelainan bentuk organ kelaminnya.


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