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Kisah Adiva

"Cry, Girl. If crying can reduce your pain, then cry" maybe that's what Adiva's mother said when she saw her daughter's suffering. Adiva's body looks yellow since she was 40 days old. Her feces color is pale and her urine colored like tea. When she was 6 months old, his stomach appeared to bulge abnormally. After having checked by her doctors, it is known that Adiva has biliary atresia.

Biliary atresia is the condition of the bile duct closing in a newborn baby. Biliary atresia is a serious, dangerous condition. Bile ducts are channels that carry bile fluid from the liver to the 12-finger intestine. In infants with biliary atresia, bile cannot flow into the intestine due to the closure of the duct. As a result, the bile builds up in the liver. This condition can cause damage to the liver tissue, resulting in scar tissue (fibrosis), which can lead to cirrhosis. Adiva also has liver cirrhosis. Cirrhosis develops slowly and results in healthy tissue being replaced by scar tissue. Scarring will inhibit the flow of blood that passes through the liver so that the liver's performance becomes disturbed or even stops. Because of the condition, the doctor suggested that a liver transplant be carried out on Adiva.

Before transplantation, screening for liver donors must be done. The costs required for laboratory testing are quite high which can reach tens of millions of rupiah. Moreover, Adiva's nutritional conditions must also be kept in good condition. Adiva is suggested to drink milk that is rich in nutrients, but the price is very expensive for Adiva's parents, which is hundreds of thousands per can. Adiva's father is a worker at the Betta fish farm, while his mother is a tutor. Their salary is only enough for daily needs. This modest family who lives in a flats in Palembang hopes that there will be a way for the recovery of her child.

Let's help reduce Adiva's burden!

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Sirosis adalah kondisi terbentuknya jaringan parut di hati akibat kerusakan hati jangka panjang (kronis). Penyakit ini berkembang secara perlahan dan mengakibatkan jaringan yang sehat digantikan oleh jaringan parut. Jaringan parut akan menghambat aliran darah yang melewati hati sehingga kinerja hati menjadi terganggu atau bahkan terhenti.

Kerusakan pada hati yang disebabkan oleh sirosis tidak bisa diperbaiki dan bahkan bisa menyebar lebih luas dan menyebabkan hati tidak bisa berfungsi dengan baik. Kondisi inilah yang sering disebut dengan istilah gagal hati. Sebelum sirosis menyebabkan gagal hati, perkembangannya berlangsung selama bertahun-tahun. Umumnya, penanganan dilakukan hanya untuk memperlambat perkembangan penyakitnya. 


Atresia bilier adalah kondisi tertutupnya saluran empedu pada bayi yang baru lahir. Meskipun kondisi ini jarang terjadi, atresia bilier termasuk kondisi serius yang berbahaya.

Saluran empedu adalah saluran yang membawa cairan empedu dari hati ke usus 12 jari. Cairan empedu berperan dalam proses pencernaan lemak dan vitamin larut lemak, seperti vitamin A, D, E dan K. Cairan empedu juga berfungsi membuang racun dan zat limbah lain keluar dari tubuh.

Pada bayi dengan atresia bilier, cairan empedu tidak bisa mengalir ke usus karena tertutupnya saluran tersebut. Akibatnya, cairan empedu menumpuk di dalam hati. Kondisi ini dapat menyebabkan kerusakan pada jaringan hati, sehingga terbentuk jaringan parut (fibrosis), yang bisa mengakibatkan sirosis.

Tertutupnya saluran empedu ini dapat terjadi ketika masih di dalam organ hati maupun ketika sudah keluar dari organ hati.


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