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For days, Sulthan's mother had taken care of her child who suffered from diarrhea. She was confused about what happened. It seems that his son did not eat anything poisonous. However, the state of his son looks apprehensive. His body was emaciated and looked limp. Soon she consulted with the doctor. Sulthan was diagnosed with glucose-galactose malabsorption (a type of sugar) and marasmic malnutrition. Glucose-galactose malabsorption or glucose-galactose malabsorption (GGM) is a disorder of glucose and galactose absorption caused by mutations in the SGLT 1 protein that can cause malnutrition and diarrhea. This protein is found in the small intestine and serves as the entrance gate of glucose and galactose into the cell membrane. Due to milk and formula milk containing lactose which is further broken down into glucose and galactose, then both of these milk cannot be given to GGM patients. The marasmus is a severe condition of severe malnutrition in which the body has the deficiency of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and other essential nutrients. Marasmus is characterized by low body weight.

Of course, she was anxious. The doctor comforts him by suggesting that Sulthan can drink special milk that can meet his nutritional needs. But the sorrow has not over yet. It is known that the milk, Galactomine, is quite expensive for Sultan's family. Within a week, Sulthan's milk needs can reach 1.5 million rupiahs. Mrs. Lembayung hopes there is a way for her beloved child needs.

Let's help improve nutrition of Sulthan!

If he gets help,the  funds will be used to purchase Galactomine milk for 3 months.

Patient Updates


Selasa, 16 January 2018

Crowdfunding Background

Sulthan was diagnosed with glucose-galactose malabsorption (type of sugar) and malnutrition. His body was emaciated, his weight was below normal. Actually he was willing to drink milk, but every time he drinks milk he would have diarrhea that could last for days. This is because in patients with Glucose-galactose malabsorbtion (GGM), the absorbtion of glucose and galactose is impaired caused by mutations in the SGLT 1 protein causing malnutrition and diarrhea. This protein is found in the small intestine and serves as the entrance gate of glucose and galactose into the cell membrane. Due to milk and milk formula containing lactose which is further broken down into glucose and galactose, then these two milk cannot be given to Sulthan.


Senin, 28 Mei 2018

Crowdfunding begins

The fundraising is done so that Sulthan can get certain kind of milk for him which cost Rp 300.000 per can. He needs 5 cans of milk per week. The parents of Sulthan cannot afford to buy milk for their children because it reaches Rp 1,500,000 per week. During the fundraising, the donation is gradually disbursed each week.


Kamis, 28 Juni 2018

Fully Funded

Currently, the donations for Sulthan have been collected andit has been disbursed for the needs of the 1.5-year-old's milk. Sulthan's weight has now reached normal. His parents were very grateful that they had been helped and his son now looked healthy.


Rincian Dana

Nutrisi Rp19.148.352
Biaya Platform & Digital Marketing Pasien Rp1.914.835

Total Rp21.063.187

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Malnutrisi energi protein adalah kondisi di mana tubuh kekurangan asupan energi dan protein. Tanpa protein dan sumber energi lain yang memadai, maka fungsi organ tubuh akan terganggu, tubuh mudah mengalami luka atau cedera, serta pertumbuhan tubuh menjadi tidak sempurna. Seseorang dinyatakan mengalami malutrisi energi protein atau memiliki indeks massa tubuh sekitar 17 hingga 18,5.

Terdapat dua jenis kondisi yang menandai gangguan malnutrisi energi protein, yaitu kwashiorkor dan marasmus. Kwashiorkor adalah defisiensi protein yang parah, di mana terdapat kekurangan asupan makanan yang menjadi sumber protein. Kwashiorkor ditandai dengan penumpukan cairan (edema) dan lemah pada anggota tubuh. Sedangkan marasmus merupakan kondisi gizi buruk yang parah di mana tubuh mengalami defiensi protein, karbohidrat, lemak serta nutrisi penting lainnya. Marasmus ditandai dengan berat badan yang rendah.

Glucose-Galactose Malabsorbtion

GGM adalah gangguan penyerapan glukosa dan galaktosa yang disebabkan mutasi pada protein SGLT 1yang dapat menyebabkan malnutrisi dan diare. Protein ini banyak terdapat di usus halus dan berfungsi sebagai gerbang masuk glukosa dan galaktosa ke dalam membran sel.Dikarenakan susu ASI maupun susu formula mengandung laktosa yang selanjutnya dipecah menjadi glukosa dan galaktosa, maka kedua susu ini tidak dapat diberikan kepada pasien GGM.

Tanda dan Gejala GGM

Ketika glukosa dan galaktosa tidak dapat masuk kedalam membran sel, mereka akan tetap berada di saluran usus menyebabkan bakteri dapat tumbuh subur dan mengakibatkan diare. Diare kronis terutama pada bayi sangat berbahaya karena menyebabkan dehidrasi dan kekurangan nutrisi.


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